Rozihub understands the value of money for everyone. We want customers to get services for the best prices in the industry and professionals get the best value for their services. Therefore, we have kept our pricing policy simple and easy for everyone. We request you to go through it.

Mandatory Charges

We charge for one-time premium registration which is based on 3 categories A,B & C. These categories will be defined depending on the Professional’s profile. The basic Registration for all professionals, skilled workers and MSMEs are free of charge.
We also have a fixed minimum visiting charge for every professional and skilled worker. Further, the minimum visiting charges shall be adjusted at the time of the invoice after the services are successfully rendered by the service provider.

Category Registration Fee Min. Visiting Fee Min. consulting and service fee per hour
Gold 1500 INR 499 INR 500-2000 INR
Silver 1000 INR 299 INR 400-1000 INR
Bronze 500 INR 199 INR 300-500 INR

Note: If the service hour increases from the specified hours, a final invoice will be generated that would cover the total number of hours and the nature of the rendered services.

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