Our Refund Policy

As a leading online service provider in India, we have kept our refund policy simple and easy. We request every professionals and customers of us to take a look at our refund policy to help us serving you the best. Following are the conditions when our refund and non-refund policy will be applied-

Non-Refundable Conditions

The registration fee charge is non-refundable
The minimum visiting/booking charges shall be applicable at the time of the booking of the services and is non-refundable if the customer has declined to take the services for the confirmed booking.

Refund against Some Rare Conditions

If any of our service provider has not reported after the confirmed booking, the minimum visiting/booking charges will be refunded within 7 working days.

Refund against Cancellation

Our policy for cancellation works when you cancel a booking with us.We refund the whole amount of your booking excluding the minimum charge of booking if you cancel your booking 24 hours before the scheduled booking time.

Some Precautions to Follow

A person who wishes to become a customer/professional shall be obliged to register on the corresponding page of the Resource. After registration, the customer/professional receives his chosen username and password. We don’t accept the nickname which has already been used by another customer/ professional.
During registration, users must provide correct information to create a personal ID. For each user, the site requires a unique email address and a password combination to log in. User is responsible for authenticity and timeliness of the information provided by him on the portal, as well as he is responsible for keeping the password safe. Our Company is not liable in case of violation of the rights of the user by third person, who gets unauthorized access to the customer/professional personal ID.

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